You learn through introductory tutorials on game development, from expert volunteers, and from an expert speaker. Our tutorials are targeted towards both programmers and game designers, and all use the Unity Game Engine.


Two tutorials will be available for participants to attend on Friday. Tutorials are open to anyone, no programming skills necessary. There are no admission fees to attend tutorials -- simply show up when the tutorials are scheduled to start.

The tutorials will cover a wide overview of the tool and provide several starting points for different types of games.

All tutorials are held in the Computer Science labs at the University of Saskatchewan: 3rd floor Spinks building, in the teaching lab S320.

Unity Overview Tutorial

Friday November 17 @ 11:30am to 1:30pm

This introductory tutorial to Unity is open to everyone and will provide you with an overview of how the editor works.

Topics covered include:

  • The editor's UI
  • Various starting points for different game genres, including:
    • top-down shooters
    • side-scrollers
    • first-person shooters
  • The Unity Asset Store
  • Importing and using assets

3D Game Development with Unity

Friday November 17 @ 2:00pm to 4:00pm

This introductory tutorial to 3D game development is for those who already have a moderate amount of experience with Unity.

Topics covered include:

  • Using the editor in 3D mode
  • First-person and 3rd-person perspectives
  • Importing and using 3D assets
  • 3D level design using SabreCSG
  • Dynamic Avatar Creation with UMA