Attend game-making tutorials led by experts.

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Develop your own game over the span of 48 hours.

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Play games from other teams at the Game Jam.

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What happens in 48 hours?

The goal of a game jam is to get together with like-minded enthusiasts to explore interesting or novel game ideas by creating a game from scratch over the weekend. There are three parts to the event, learn, make, and play.

The learn part consists of tutorials to introduce participants to tools used for game development. These tutorials are targeted towards programmers and game designers, and participants can choose to learn either Construct 2 or Unity.

The make part of the event involves working in teams (optional, but recommended) to design and implement your own game. This is the majority of the event. You have from Friday night, after our "kickoff" event until Sunday afternoon to build your game. Throughout this time, volunteers will occationally circulate to offer assistance. A pizza lunch will also be provided at noon on both Saturday and Sunday.

The play part of the event is the most exciting part of the event, and is open to everyone who is interested. The completed games will be showcased and judges will play the games in order to determine the winners. Following this, everyone will head to a lecture hall where winners will be announced.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to participate, from beginners to experts, programmers, graphic designers, artists, and musicians. There are no age restrictions; however, we do not have the resources to supervise everyone so we ask that younger participants be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


We are offering introductory tutorials on Thursday before the event, the same tutorials on Friday, and additional tutorials throughout the event. Your options are Construct 2 for beginners or Unity for intermediate or advanced participants. The tutorials are held on the third floor of Spinks, the same location as the rest of the game jam. Tutorials held on the weekend will be determined based on the interests of the participants.

Event Schedule

There are no upcoming events.