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Revenge of the Villains

Platforms: Windows,
Credits: Graphics
Most of the graphics taken from and other open source resources. Some of the graphics were also created by me using Photoshop software tools. Some of the link of the Graphics used are as following:

Most of the sounds were taken from and other open source resources. Links of them are as following:

Source Codes
All of the source codes were written by me.

Description: Game Story
All the gamers have at least killed on zombie in their life. So zombies seem to be the ultimate villains to everyone. Zombie community have questioned the humanity about this rudeness. “Is this rudeness only because we wanted ‘some’ pure bloods and fleshes from them?” – asked the zombie captain.
Now the villains of the humans have gathered to take the revenge – “Revenge of the Villains”. Can you help the villains to take their revenge?

Game Objective
Zombie losses health continuously, so drink some rotten bloods and fleshes time to time for your survival. But be careful of the humans – the heroes. Donít come in front of their eye sight. Finally find the ‘bomb planting zone’ and plant the bomb. If the bomb explodes before the zombieís death you will win the game. Your objective as villain is done… ?

Playing Instruction
1. Use Mouse for the direction of the zombie.
2. Use “W” or “Up Arrow” key to move forward in that direction.
3. Go near to a food item and press and hold ‘Left Mouse’ button to eat or drink.
4. Find the bomb planting zone. Press ‘Q’ to plant to bomb.
5. If the bomb explodes before your death … You win.

Installation Instructions: The game was built only for windows machine in unity game engine. Just copy the ‘RevengeOfTheVillains.exe’ and ‘RevengeOfTheVillains_Data’ in the same directory after extracting the zip file provided.. Click the .exe file to start the game. Thanks.