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Arnold’s Office

Platforms: Web,
Tools: Unity3D, Photoshop, Audacity, GIMP
Credits: Developer: Rafi
Artist: Valentyna
Menu Design: Shafin
Beta Testers: Shafin and Hassan
Sounds: SoundBible and FreeSound
Assistant: Moiz
Description: The game represents an action packed adventure featured around “Arnold”, the office nuisance. Featuring a platformer game, the player can control Arnold to navigate around the office and throwing small paper balls to distract the office workers. Player needs to keep a close eye on the stamina and health, as running and jumping reduces stamina while getting caught by the boss reduces Job Security! Keep in mind the Boss that walks around, if he sees you distracting the workers, you are fired! Collect the paper, pens and staples around the office, so that the workers can’t use them, to gain more points!

Watch out as the bosses are stronger and faster on higher levels!

Installation Instructions: To play the game simply visit