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Brawlin’ Beats (NSTC)

Platforms: Windows
Tools: Unity,, google image search, GIMP, Bfxr, FL Studio 8 demo,
Credits: THE TEAM: Arlan Muc, Connor Nettle-Gooding, Shane Williamson, Zachary Knippel SPRITES: Unity Asset Store (background & tileset), SNK/PLAYMORE (soldier/tank sprites, ripped by The Mad Soldier and Grim respectively), Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (player character, credit goes to Tesogare Frontier; Team Shangia Alice (ZUN), ripped by DarkOverlord), Megaman Zero X series/CAPCOM (tank bullet sprites, ripped by unknown) SOUND: Bfxr and FL studio 8 demo were used to make the sounds and music for this game. ENGINE: Unity. All copyright content used under fair use policy for educational purposes.
Description: A platform/brawler with a rhythmic fighting mechanic.
Installation Instructions: Run the .exe to play. TO PLAY: Arrows to move, space to attack, up arrow to jump, double tap left or right to dash.