September 2015 – Speakers

We are excited to have two notable industry experts in game development attend Game Jam this year. These experts will not only give presentations on programming tips, insight into real-world game development, how to start your own game studio, and more... but they will be available to give advice and mentor attendees over the weekend.

Lee Vermeulen

Lee Vermeulen is the co-founder of Alientrap Games, which started in 2002 with the development of the freeware game Nexuiz. Since then Alientrap have released Capsized on Steam/XBLA in 2011, Apotheon on PS4/Steam in 2015, Autocraft on Steam/iOS, and is now working on the PS4 game Cryptark.

Scott McGillivray

Scott is a Technical Director at Capcom Game Studio in Vancouver and has years of game development experience in the industry. Fun fact: he also has a TV segment on Global BC1 - #SpaceTalkWithScott